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The Ava Kleijman Gallery will settle from february 7 to 11, in early 2024, at the Grand Palais in Lille for the Art Fair Lille Art’Up.

Orli Ziv

The Ava Kleijman Gallery is proud to introduce the Israeli artist Orli Ziv‘s artwork.

Ziv explores the artistic path of pictorialism before playing more and more with raw matter. Layer after layer, painting after painting, she moves away from her beginnings in favor of an increasingly abstract expressionism. Nowadays, her art is characterized above all by the inner light which comes from her artworks, by its vibrant colors and its textures that gradually eclipse the pattern.

Ava Kleijman Gallery

Traveling Gallery – Mediterranean art

Beyond its walls

The watchword of the Ava Kleijman gallery is to go beyond its “walls”. Free of any constraints, it is the desire of the gallery to be as French as international.

Settling in exceptional places, whether they are artists’ workshops or unexpected even bizarre places, the gallery transforms each time the spaces it integrates into suspended sites, out of time, where the visitor is no longer a guest but an integral part of the artists’ world.

Our Concept

Ava Kleijman Gallery is a parisian traveling gallery specializing in Mediterranean art. The artworks it exhibits are the voices of strong individual yet diverse identities.

The Gallery actively plays part in the growing recognition of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean art. Rich in its own inspirations, landscapes, light and tales, this artistic impetus offers a glimpse of a millennial and multicultural history.

Rachel Sfez – Founder and CEO of Ava Kleijman Gallery.

Who is Ava Kleijman ?

Ava Kleijman was my great-grandmother’s name. Born a free woman with the soul of an artist, living in a world made of music and beauty, she also was an early resistance fighter.

I bonded with her and her love of freedom without knowing her. It might be the reason why I chose for my gallery to always be traveling and to be named after her…

It is to Ava Kleijman that I owe the desire to open my gallery,
and it is to the work of Orli Ziv that I owe doing it.

Rachel Sfez, Founder & CEO of Ava Kleijman Gallery