JERUSALEM OBSESSION settles rue de Seine

From June 16th to August 13th 2023, Orli Ziv and the Ava Kleijman Gallery will be introducing :

JERUSALEM OBSESSION settles rue de Seine
5 rue Jacques Callot 75006

The Ava Kleijman Gallery is delighted to exhibit the newest episode of the series “JERUSALEM OBSESSION”. On that occasion, the gallery is settling rue de Seine for two months and will be exhibiting Orli Ziv’s new artworks in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Orli Ziv’s painting oscillates between pictorialism and raw abstraction. Her precise linework technique and her vigorous and spontaneous brushwork blend to shape the score of an euphoric yet peaceful dance. Marked by a deep reflection on the value of gesture, her artwork is characterized by its light, its movement, and its lyricism. Her vibrant color palette favors texture over motifs. Using pigments, oil, gold or silver leaves applied with a palette knife, Ziv unfolds a shimmering universe suspended between heaven and earth on her canvases.

Orli Ziv settled in Jerusalem in 1990. Like the psalmist, she designs each of her paintings as an obsessive serenade to this fascinating city. Her inner world is nurtured by her memories of Jerusalem’s narrow streets and majestic doors, of the unique color coming from its stones and forming a halo around its surroundings. She puts these pieces back together in dreamlike meanders. Orli Ziv’s poetical riddles thus sublimate the universal and transgenerational memories that built this antic city over the centuries. Doing so, she unveils the magic of Jerusalem while making the viewer a part of its limitless joy. However, the happiness radiating from her art does not make it less dignified, as well as its clean linework never overshadows the aura of mystery surrounding the eternal city.

Joséphine de Lavenne, curator